Tuesday, July 10

A Shelter Closes...but A Story Lives On!

The Heart of a City: Revealed and Remembered
By: Jamie Black

After some of the most severe weather Northeast Indiana has ever seen, many communities were left desolate in their wake. Power lines dangled carelessly in the streets and all that was left of our once tall and mighty trees were their abandoned roots. But thankfully, hope was not far off in the distance.

The American Red Cross partnered with First Assembly of God to open their doors to those displaced by the storm’s crushing terror.
After the last client left the shelter, it was very heartwarming to look back on the mission and see all the amazing people who made our operation so successful.
The Red Cross would like to extend their gratitude to all those involved in the disaster relief operation—whether it was as a volunteer, donor or a generous organization. Your unwavering support for the mission of the American Red Cross helped change the lives of disaster victims forever—for it is the love of a community that makes us stronger and unites us in the face of adversity.