Tuesday, March 19

3-yr old Fort Wayne Boy Donates to Red Cross

Random Acts of Kindness

By: Jamie Black

During the month of February, one local 3-year old boy was making a big difference in his community by performing a random act of kindess each day. So on February 27th, it was the American Red Cross that Jack Richardson chose to bestow his act of kindness for that day. After seeing a Hurricane Sandy donor appeal commercial, he asked his mother Janet what he could do to help out. With his $5 chore allowance for that week and a package of Winni-the-Pooh band-aids, Jack and his mother came in to the Fort Wayne chapter to give his donation with an open heart.

Katherine Mac Aulay, Chief Operations Officer, was there to accept the donation from little Jack. His kind heart and thoughtful gesture brought joy to all of our hearts as smiles could be seen on all who were present.
"I sat down with Jack and told him that this month's lesson was all about random acts of kindness and what we can do to help other people," said Mrs. Richardson who homeschools her son. "He has a big heart and wanted to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy after seeing the commercial on the TV."
At the end of the day, we all could look back on this tremendous act of kindness from the smallest donor our chapter has ever seen and know that the Red Cross is about people-helping-people...and no matter how small you are, YOU can make a difference!

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