Thursday, August 1

Hands-Only CPR: a simple lifesaving skill

On July 17, the American Red Cross of Northeast Indiana helped coordinate a hands-only CPR event hosted by the Three Rivers CPR Task Force at the Fort Wayne Community Center. This free event enabled members of the community to learn a simple technique that has the potential to save lives.

If you witnessed an adult suffering from a cardiac arrest, would you know what to do? Our local response time for trained personnel to arrive on scene is 5 – 6 minutes on average. Our bodies contain a ten minute supply of oxygenated blood, and this oxygen is necessary for preventing serious and possibly fatal brain damage. Hands-only CPR will keep blood flowing to the brain during this critical window of time, and can be performed by anyone with the proper training when an individual certified in CPR is not present.

If you would like to receive certification in full CPR, check out the scheduled classes at the Red Cross of Northeast Indiana.

Contributed by Marie Steiner

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